I’ve just completed work on the clay for my larger than life-size Heroic Torso. Photos in the gallery here:
The bronze will be available in an edition of 9 later this year.


My sculpture of Grace the lovely little Whippet/Bedlington cross Lurcher is now available. The first cast came through the foundry this week. Photos in the gallery – hope you like her!

And for anyone going to the CLA Game Fair this weekend, be sure to visit Rowles Fine Art’s stand – they have several of my bronzes on display, including the Old English Game Cock and Eric the Highland Bull 


I have now finished sculpting the life-size Kodiak Grizzly Bear, and Pangolin Editions foundry are hard at work on the first of two bronze casts sold already.
I hope to show the first cast briefly this August/September with the Sladmore in London, before it goes to it’s new home at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.
There are pictures of myself working on the original clay in the Gallery, under ‘Recent Sculpture’.

New Lurcher Photos + Next Projects 14th March 2013

I’ve just added some photos of the original wax of my most recent sculpture, a little lurcher called Grace, to the gallery pages, under “Recent Sculpture”. The bronze will be available later this year [in an edition of 12].

I’ll be taking reference photos, etc. for my next piece – the larger than life-size Heroic Torso on Saturday, and I’ll be starting work on the sculpt next week. [Photos of the 1/4 scale maquette are in “Recent Sculpture”]. I will also be continuing work on the life-size Kodiak Grizzly Bear, up at Pangolin Editions foundry. At over 10 feet tall, he is too big to fit into my studio here.

You will be able to see photos of progress on both pieces on my Facebook page:

New Lurcher Sculpture and Other New Bronzes. 5th March 2013

I’m currently working on a portrait sculpture of a beautiful little Whippet/Bedlington cross lurcher, called Grace.
See photos of progress from armature to finished sculpture on my facebook page:

As soon as she is completed, I will be working on detailing the life-size Kodiak Grizzly Bear, “Indomitable” and starting work on the larger than life-size, “Heroic Torso”.

Work in progress photos on Facebook 22nd February 2013

I’ve just posted a few photos of work in progress on my small Lurcher sculpture [armature and early stages] on my Nick Bibby Facebook page-
Plus it’s the place to see regular updates on my other projects, including the life-size Kodiak Grizzly and the Heroic Male Torso.
Take a look!

This is the address of my new Nick Bibby Sculpture Facebook page.
Like my website it has photos of all my current work, but in addition, I will be posting regular updates and photos of new projects and work in progress, so that people who like my work can easily see what I’m working on, ask questions, etc.

So anyone who likes my work, please take a look at  and click ‘Like’ !

I have already uploaded photos of the early stages of work on the 15ft Grizzly Bear, “Indomitable” and a couple of other projects, including a ‘Classical’ Male Torso.


A few years ago I sculpted twelve life-size bronze reconstructions of extinct species from Mauritius and the other Mascarene islands, for a project called, ”Bones to Bronze” aimed at raising awareness of the loss of these species (which include the most famous extinct species of them all, the Dodo) and raising funds to aid ongoing conservation work on the islands.
At the time, Damien Hirst bought one of each [bar one]. And I am delighted to say that six of these sculptures are now included in his new Murderme Exhibition, at the Pinacoteca Agnelli, Turin, Italy, which has just opened and runs until March 10th, 2013.

Mauritius Blue Pigeon
Mauritius Scops Owl
Lesser Mascarene Fruit Bat
Carinate Tropid Snail
Rodrigues Giant Gecko

If you are interested in any of these sculptures, or any of the other “Bones to Bronze” extinct species sculptures, created to help conservation work within the Mascarene islands, please follow this link:

NEW TOAD SCULPTURE 22nd October 2012

Following on from my exhibition at the Sladmore last month [which was a great success – thank you to everyone who came to the Private View, making for a thoroughly enjoyable evening] I’m starting work on a new collection of bronzes for a follow-on exhibition there in 2014.
The first piece in the collection is a new Toad, replacing my original Toad which has now sold out. This fellow is a little bit larger, allowing me to really go to town on the character and detail !
There are photos of the original wax under ‘Recent Sculpture’ in the Gallery section, and the bronze should be available in time for Christmas.
Who doesn’t want a toad for Christmas?!!

SLADMORE EXHIBITION [Sept 12th – Oct 5th] 3rd August 2012

All the new pieces for my September/October exhibition at Sladmore Contemporary, Bruton Place, Mayfair, are finally completed and photographed.
Including the 1/5th scale bronze maquette for the life-size Grizzly Bear, commissioned by Brown University, Rhode Island, to stand outside their new sports facility, and the bronze of Eric, the Highland Bull, celebrity star of the BBC’s Countryfile program.
The private view will be held on the evening of September 12th and the exhibition will then run until October 5th.
Photographs of all the sculptures can be seen in the ”New Sculpture” section of “Gallery” on this website.
During the exhibition, in addition to the 17 new sculptures on show, there will also be a selection of my other bronzes.
Please feel free to contact myself or Sladmore Contemporary  for more information.

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