Highland Bull (Crubach of Redrullion)

Highland Bull (Crubach of Redrullion)

Dimensions:  H 6″  L 12.25″

Bronze:  Edition of 12

Price: £5,600

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Champion Highland Bull, Crubach Of Redrullion

Sire: Lord Montagu of Old Greenlaw.   Dam: Jean 5th of Rigg.

Male Breed Champion – East of England Show 2005

Breed Champion – East of England Show 2006 & 2007

Male Breed Champion – Great Yorkshire Show 2006 & 2007

Male Breed Champion – Royal Show 2004, 2005 & 2007

Breed Champion – Royal Show 2006

Another breed from my childhood is the Highland. Highland cattle were a common sight in the North of England, where I grew up, and I love to see them. They are a gift to any artist with their shaggy coats and characterful faces, so it was an easy decision to include at least one in British Champion Animals.

As soon as I started looking for a champion Highland, one bull stood out – Crubach of Redrullion. Crubach, or Cruby for short, has won over 30 championships, more than any other bull I know. Even better [from the point of view of someone living in Devon] I did not have to travel to Scotland to see him. Crubach was in Derbyshire, near my wife’s family; so the next time we visited my in-laws I went over to see him.