Ptarmigan (Lagopus mutus)

Dimensions:  H 16.5″  L 11″  W 7″

Bronze: Edition of 12 (Original wax shown – bronzes available, Spring 2018)

Price: TBA

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The Ptarmigan, Lagopus Mutus, is a close relative of the Willow Grouse and this sculpture, shown here in the original wax and available in bronze now (photos coming soon) really shows off the sleek lines and gentle curves of this gorgeous member of the grouse family. Standing, proudly surveying his territory, from the summit of a frost-shattered rock.

A bird preferring higher altitudes, the Rock Ptarmigan famously turns snow white in winter and having sculpted my life-size Gyrfalcon, I simply had to sculpt the bird that shares it’s rocky, snow-covered realm!

I sculpted the original in a wax-based clay, which was then moulded, cast in hollow wax, remoulded (invested) then cast into bronze, using the lost wax process. The bronze, with a beautiful white patina, is available now.