New Sculpture

Nick’s Newest Bronze, or Silver Sculptures, Plus Upcoming Sculptures in Progress, or Currently Being Cast

On this page you will see Nick’s new sculptures. The newest casts to come through the internationally acclaimed, Pangolin Editions Foundry, plus original clay or wax sculptures, recently finished and being cast now (available soon) and new sculptures being sculpted by Nick at this very moment. If you would like to see more about what Nick is currently working on, and how he creates his¬†sculptures, take a look at Nick Bibby Sculpture’s Facebook page, where you can get a glimpse into Nick’s day to day life in the studio and follow the whole sculpting process, from his initial concept to the finished bronze, or silver sculpture.


Nick’s current collection of Bronze, and Hallmarked Sterling Silver Sculptures range from a minute, life-size, Pygmy Shrew, to a monumental, life-size, Kodiak Brown Bear.

Prices start from £1,450.

If you would like to order a sculpture, enquire about price and availability, or commission something new, Nick would love to hear from you! Please use the Contact form, or take a look at our Ordering page.

Nick Bibby Sculpture Signature