Wildlife Sculpture

Wildlife Sculpture: Minute to Monumental Wildlife Subjects

Nick has sculpted many, many, wildlife bronzes, and has a deep love and understanding for his subjects. From minute, life-size, Pygmy Shrews, through Big Cats, Deer, Rhino, Birds of Prey and Owls, to Elephant Seals, Song Birds, Game Birds and Gorillas. His largest piece to date being an enormous, 15 foot high, monumental Kodiak Brown Bear, commissioned by Brown University, Rhode Island.


Nick’s current collection of Bronze, and Hallmarked Sterling Silver Wildlife Sculpture, ranging from tiny sculptures that can sit in the palm of a child’s hand, to a monumental Kodiak Brown Bear, weighing over 2 tonnes.

Prices start from £1,450.

If you would like to order a sculpture, enquire about price and availability, or commission something new, Nick would love to hear from you! Please use the Contact form, or take a look at our Ordering page.

Nick Bibby Sculpture Signature